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Potpourri To Smoke

Select from our well-known smokable potpourri and herbal potpourri incense blends! Our Potpourri to Smoke is Legal in all 50 states and anywhere else in the world, our incense is made up from all natural herbs.

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Offering some of the best, Legal herbal incense for 2014. All of our products are 50 state legal herbal incense for 2014. Free herbal incense samples when you buy potpourri smoke online.  We carry some of the newest herbal incense smoke blends like Voodoo and Kush Herbal Incense.

Our plants, entheogens, and other botanical extracts designed to help you see life from a different perspective. Our Potpourri Incense Smoke is made from unique proprietary ingredients and extremely rare organic botanicals which been used by humans for thousands of years for meditation and spiritual rituals. Our unique range of the best herbal incense and herbal potpourri offers endless opportunities for gentle chilling out and meditative moments. The satisfying aroma of herbal incense potpourri from our online smoke shop will stimulate the senses and make your frustrations, stress and cares just melt away. PotpourriToSmoke.com offers some of the most unique potpourri blends ever produced that are cannabinoid-free blends, compliant in every US State and any region of the world! Potpourri To Smoke Shop is an affordable place to find legal high quality blends.

Buy cheap herbal incense online, we also offer party pack deals of different amounts of herbal smoke blends for discounted prices. Stimulate Your State of Mind, browse our online herbal incense smoke shop to find aromatic potpourri incense, including the most popular legal potpourri products.

Herbal Potpourri Online Sale

Dank Potpourri Smoke

Dank Potpourri

Herbal Incense Potpourri Blend

The herbal incense blend that's Not for the weak! Listed as being close to the aroma as "Barely Legal", also same herbal spice blend and scent. LEGAL in all 50 USA States! On Sale!

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Red Lead Potpourri Smoke


Herbal Potpourri Incense Smoke

Potent Chinese herbal incense secret formula. Based on very old Chinese recipe from a archeological discoveries from the Western Han dynasty. One powerful potpourri blend! On Sale!

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Super Kush Herbal Potpourri Smoke


Herbal Incense Potpourri Smoke

The aromatic potpourri that has high regard and respect. It's the old school herbal incense, Kush Herbal Incense, the high potency blend. JWH FREE! LEGAL in all USA States! On Sale!

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Rasta-Daze Incense Smoke


Potpourri Herbal Incense Smoke

Com on now, get happy mon. The highly spiritual herbal incense smoke that creates a unique delight that peeks for long time. Totally Legal in the USA and Jamaica! On Sale

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Buy herbal potpourri at cheap prices and rest assured all Herbal Incense Potpourri we offer are 50 State Legal Incense Blends.


Just to be clear, the kind of potpourri to smoke to get high is not the kind that you put in a little pot with some water and boil to make the room smell nice. That kind of potpourri is nice, but it won't get you high, and if you inhale that potpourri smoke it will probably make you sick. No, that kind of smoking potpourri is has got certain psychoactive plants and herbs in it that produce the kind of effects that other smoking alternatives like tobacco or marijuana produce. Things like damiana or egyptian blue lily or wild dagga flower tops are the kind of exotic plant derivatives that can be found in potpourri herbal smoke that belongs in a incense burner in order to inhale the smoke and allow your lungs to absorb the psychosomatic ingredients and experience the relaxing calming cumulative effect of all these herbs. To avoid the massive confusion over cannabis and its status (is it legal? Is it illegal?), many fans of smoking have turned to legal spice potpourri such as herbal incense and the like. These smoking alternatives present a number of advantages, including: Will not cause you to fail a drug test, period. Are not addictive. No known negative or harmful health effects. Require much less smoking than tobacco to feel the effects. The number one reason people begin using potpourri to smoke is because of their fear that they will fail a drug test. Whether you are in the military, playing semi-pro sports, or even just applying for an apartment, it's reality that Western society today requires drug tests for many things. The consequences can often be as dire as actual jail time, such as: Loss of job or home. Loss of medical or health insurance. Disqualification from the service or from competing. Significant financial penalties. For most people, these potential risks are greater than the benefit, so they avoid smoking pot. But given the possibility of cannabis-like effects with no chance of negative consequences like those listed above, these same people will jump at the chance to relax and unwind using herbal potpourri to smoke. Although it is true that sometimes the effects (and even the aroma) of legal potpourri can be similar to marijuana, it would be a mistake to pose these products as some sort of marijuana substitute. Rather, they are part of a group of smoking "alternatives" from which people may choose for their smoking pleasure....read more

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